Nick Saban's Daughter Issues Warning To Alabama Fans Who Are Upset With The Crimson Tide

Nick Saban's daughter Kristen is warning Alabama fans about perspective. At least, it certainly seems that way.

Through the first nine games of 2022, the Crimson Tide is 7-2. Many, if not most, programs would be thrilled with such a record. Especially considering that both losses came by a combined four points -- one on a walk-off field goal with no time left in regulation against Tennessee and the other after a successful two-point conversion in overtime vs. LSU.

But that's not good enough in Tuscaloosa.

As a result of last Saturday's loss to LSU, Alabama will play a regular season game without an opportunity to reach the national championship for the first time since... 2010. Read that again—

According to Alabama's game notes for Saturday's contest against Ole Miss, Nick Saban and the Tide are playing their first regular season game in 12 years in which they do not have a clear path to the national championship game. They didn't make it to the national championship in all 12 years, but during the regular season, they had a chance to do so.

Not this year, barring complete chaos.

Nick Saban's daughter Kristen wants Alabama fans to keep things in perspective.

For Alabama to make the College Football Playoff would require complete and utter mayhem. LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, TCU, Tennessee, Oregon and USC make up the top eight and Saban's squad sits ninth.

All eight teams in front of the Tide would have to lose at least once, with many of them needing to lose twice. Meanwhile, Alabama would have to win out and win the SEC.

It's not completely impossible, but it's basically impossible.

While the Crimson Tide "struggles" through a "down year," there are a lot of talking heads who are saying that this is the end of the Saban dynasty. Many fans are also starting to hit the panic button.

Alabama still has a good shot at a New Year's Six Bowl, which is something that most schools dream about. It is disappointing for the one school in Tuscaloosa.

Saban's daughter is trying to change that outlook. She issued a stern warning on Instagram that focused around the appreciation of her father's greatness and the success of his program.

Now, there is always the chance that this has nothing to do with football. Kristen could be throwing shade at her husband or a friend who is not giving her enough appreciation.

However, it's pretty clearly about Alabama football. Especially considering that she followed it up with a post about her dad.

Is Kristen saying that Nick is close to retirement? Probably not, but perhaps. What she is saying is that her dad won't be around forever. Even in a two-loss season, Alabama fans should appreciate the success, rather than focusing on the negative narrative.