Nick Saban Leads Alabama Football Team On March For Social Justice

Nick Saban was front and center leading his players through the University of Alabama campus today in a march for social justice, according to reporter Simone Eli who was there recording as the five-time Alabama national champion head coach walked by.

"I don’t get to see the world through the same lens that a lot of our players do. I think that I appreciate the lens that they see the world in," Saban said outside Foster Hall after leading the march. “Today, I’m like a proud parent," "I’m proud of our team. I’m proud of our messengers and I’m proud of the message."

Saban went on to talk about a video the team released in June.

"I’m proud of the all lives can’t matter until black lives matter video that we did early on that I think had a positive impact. It was something we did together as a team.

"I’m very proud and supportive of what they’re trying to say in a peaceful and intelligent way."

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