Nick Saban Interviewing Washington OC Ryan Grubb Raises Question About Money At Alabama

Nick Saban is searching for his next offensive coordinator at Alabama and took a big step forward in that process Monday. OutKick was able to confirm reports that the 71-year-old met with Ryan Grubb in Tuscaloosa.

Grubb is considered one of the top candidates for the opening with the Crimson Tide. He finished his first, and only, season at Washington with an Alamo Bowl win over Texas in December.

Under his guidance, the Huskies offense jumped from 113th to 10th in scoring offense. They also went from 72nd in passing offense... to first. Needless to say, Grubb's first year running the offense in Seattle was a great success and quarterback Michael Penix Jr. was a big part of that.

As a result, he has had multiple interviews over the last few months. Texas A&M was interested at one point, but ended up going with Bobby Petrino.

Now, it's Alabama.

Should Saban offer Grubb, the assumption is that he would accept. But you know what they say about assuming!

Considering that Penix Jr. is returning to Washington next season and that Grubb has almost exclusively worked under Kevin DeBoer since 2007, he may be enticed to stay as well. On the other hand, it's Saban, Alabama and the SEC.

Money also makes things interesting with Ryan Grubb.

Bill O'Brien earned $1.1 million per year in his two years as offensive coordinator at Alabama. Grubb is set to out-earn that number with the Huksies in 2023.

When Grubb decided to follow DeBoer from Fresno State to Washington, his salary was set at $1 million. After an incredible year, he was offered an extension that set a school record.

He was set earn $1.45 million in 2023 and that number will increase to $1.67 million in 2025. But then, after his courtship from the Aggies, Grubb's salary increased to a whopping $2 million per year for the next three years.

Can Alabama meet him at his number? Would Grubb take a $900,000ish pay cut for the job?

All of these things will come into play over the next few days and weeks. Saban, obviously, has to offer Grubb the job first. If that happens, the latter will have a decision to make.

With this all being said, the offensive coordinator job at Alabama would be hard to turn down.