NCAA Announces Changes To College Football Overtime Rules

College football has been working on perfecting its overtime rules for the last few years.

First, it was requiring teams to go for a two-point attempt after a touchdown starting in the third overtime period. If a game reached a fifth overtime, the two teams would begin alternating two-point plays rather than starting overtime drives on the 25-yard line.

On Thursday, the NCAA announced that those two rules would be altered.

Instead of the two-point try beginning in the third overtime period, it will now start in the second overtime. In addition, the alternating two-point attempts will now start in the third overtime rather than the fifth.

The rule is being implemented as a way to limit the number of plays being run when games go into overtime. After watching that Texas A&M-LSU game go to seven overtimes in 2018, it's easy to see why changes were a focus.

Granted, some will feel as though there's some overcompensation happening with the two-point attempts happening in the second overtime. The third felt about right, but it's a somewhat understandable proposition.

What do you think about the changes?

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