MUST WATCH: Does Mark Sanchez Have The World’s Best Coach O Impression?

Mark Sanchez had the type of football career most could only dream of. He was recruited highly out of high school, won a Rose Bowl, was picked in the first round of the NFL draft, won multiple playoff games in the NFL, and earned millions of dollars. But if the whole football thing didn’t work out, he likely could’ve been just as successful working as a must-see impressionist.

(Ok, maybe he wouldn't have made millions of dollars, but you get the point.)

Last week, the former quarterback broke into his act on The Dan Patrick Show, showing the audience he can still fire off some bullets when called upon.

Watch and listen to Sanchez’ impression beginning at the 5:40 mark of the video.

Patrick prompted Sanchez to dust off his Ed Orgeron impersonation when he asked the former USC quarterback about being recruited to the Trojans. At the time, Orgeron was an assistant coach at the school under Pete Carroll.

“Eh, eh Sanchez. You gonna hold the trophy, you gonna hold the sword. In the Rose Bowl you gonna be the quarterback of the USC Trojans,” Sanchez said, mimicking the words of Coach O.

Sanchez added: “He said, ‘You gonna stand on the ladder, and after that, I’m gonna go make you some gumbo.'”

The impression was good enough to make the likes of Frank Caliendo and Joey Mulinaro feel a little less secure atop their place as the sports world’s finest impressionists.

Who knew The Sanchize was capable of providing more comic relief than the butt fumble?



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