Mississippi State Coach Smokes Cartoonishly Large Victory Cigar After Egg Bowl Win Over Ole Miss

Mississippi State beat Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl for the first time in three years on Saturday. Mike Leach notched his first win over Lane Kiffin and the celebration was on.

During the celebration, one of the Bulldogs staffers smoked a cigar so large it barely fit in his mouth.

On Thanksgiving night, the Rebels hosted their in-state rivals for the 119th edition of the fabled game. Not only does the rivalry pit half of the Magnolia State against the other, the Egg Bowl never seems to have any sense of normalcy. It is always strange and it is always full of tension, to say the least.

Thursday was no different. A heavy rain started to fall just before halftime and the intensity of the downpour only increased during the third and fourth quarters.

In addition, a bizarre sequence of events surrounding a questionable forward pass, an inadvertent whistle and an extremely debatable explanation from the officials caused a large shift in momentum. That only preceded a game-tying two-point conversion attempt before which Ole Miss took two timeouts to call a shovel pass that fell unsuccessful.

All-in-all, the Egg Bowl was... the Egg Bowl. It was weird, wild, and ended with a Mississippi State win on the road.

Mississippi State smoked 'em cause they had 'em.

Some Bulldogs celebrated by paying homage to Elijah Moore and D.K. Metcalf in the end zone.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, the victory cigars were burning. Players, coaches and everyone in between sparked one up to celebrate the rivalry win.

Of them, Mississippi State's Associate Athletic Director of Football Player Personnel Matt Dudek lit up the largest cigar of them all. It was absurdly huge to the point that it looked straight out of a cartoon.

Credit to Dudek. It was a very big win that deserved a very big cigar and despite the presumably wicked tobacco buzz, he took it to the dome in celebration.