Middle Fingers FLYING As Officials Separate Penn State, Michigan During Stadium Tunnel Kerfuffle

Saturday's game between Michigan and Penn State was a classic Big Ten matchup at The Big House. It was gritty, tough and physical.

Although the Wolverines were getting the best of the Nittany Lions in nearly every way, the game went to the halftime as a two-point game with the visitors in the lead. At the conclusion of the first 15 minutes, somebody in charge of game day operations made a huge blunder and let both teams into the stadium tunnel at the same time.

That isn't supposed to happen. When teams share a tunnel, one team typically goes into the locker room first and then leaves the locker room first on the backend. The other team waits its turn and then follows the first team off and back on the field.

Well, that wasn't the case on Saturday.

When Michigan and Penn State went into their respective locker rooms, things almost went to blows.

Fortunately, the officiating crew was also in the tunnel. They were able to separate the two sides as both sides started jarring back and forth before the situation got out of hand.

Middle fingers were everywhere, starting at the three-second mark.

Although it's hard to make out exactly what was said, the situation is easy to read. The Nittany Lions were getting absolutely suffocated, but somehow went into the break with a lead. The Wolverines, who were utterly dominating in almost every facet of the game, were losing.

As a result, it's easy to imagine that the former was talking their talk at the latter, because they were up by two. The latter probably jabbed back at the former, letting them know that the beatdown was going to continue in the second half and be reflected on the scoreboard.

It was a tense, tough-fought game between two Top-10 opponents and, needless to say, the tone was set in terms of intensity for the second half.