Michigan State Football Draws Dreadfully Small Crowd For Big Ten Conference Game Outside Of Three Very Lit Pickles

Michigan State football is a complete letdown in 2022 and its fans not interested in watching their team play a bad Big Ten opponent in person. The Spartans, who capped an 11-2 season with a Peach Bowl win last January, have five losses already this year.

With two games left to play against Indiana and Penn State, they are in danger of missing out on a bowl game entirely. Michigan State would like to think that it can beat at least one of the remaining opponents, but has not given any reason for confidence.

Mel Tucker, who signed a massive extension during the offseason, is one of the highest-paid coaches in college football. He sits near the top with Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher.

However, the Spartans' struggles this year are making a lot of fans and analysts question whether the reigning Big Ten Coach of the Year is worthy of such a large salary. In addition, they have seemingly given up on their team down the stretch. At least to some extent.

It hovered around 35 degrees at kickoff in East Lansing with a decent breeze and hint of moisture in the air. While that isn't anything new for Michiganders, venturing out into the dreary, chilly day wasn't worth the effort for a game between two teams that were both 4-5 entering the weekend.

The couch or a bar must have sounded better because things were noticeably quiet before the game.

Here is what it looked like at Spartan Stadium right before kickoff:

Here was the scene 10 minutes later as the game got underway:

The difference between the two crowds, obviously, is negligible. Even the lower bowl was sparse.

While there were gaping holes throughout the crowd, including the student section, three spirited pickles shouldn't go unnoticed. They were having themselves a day.

Tough look for Tucker and Michigan State, a loudly self-proclaimed "blue blood" program. At least it wasn't as bad as Stanford?!