Mayhem Unfolds As Miami Football Fans Get Caught In Wild Rain And Crazy Winds While Tailgating Through A Literal Tropical Storm

The University of Miami took its nickname literally on Saturday. Kind of.

While the No. 25-ranked Hurricanes prepared for their game against Middle Tennessee, multiple tropical storm systems lingered off of the Atlantic coast. While the eye did not make landfall on Saturday, that did not stop some crazy weather from hitting south Florida as Tropical Storm Ian brewed in the Caribbean Sea.

As is often the case in Miami during the summer, a freak thunderstorm attached to the tropical weather systems rolled through with heavy rain and high winds. It was only a passing storm, but it wreaked havoc on those outside of Hard Rock Stadium nonetheless.

Hurricanes fans who were tailgating in the parking lot prior to the game got caught in the middle and it led to absolute mayhem in Miami. They got very wet, very quickly and the tailgates had to go into crisis mode.

Videos of the tailgate showed fans struggling to keep their tents locked in place and on the ground as a massive downpour flooded the ground below.

Take a look at the insanity that was a Miami football tailgate on Saturday:

Water was up to the ankles in some areas but credit to the fans, the weather did not stop the party. Music stayed bumping and the drinks continued to flow.

The Hurricanes are apparently built for... well... Hurricanes.

Fortunately, the system passed through after about 15/20 minutes of chaos. The sun came out, the wind died down and it quickly became a beautiful scene.

What you can't see in the video, however, is how it felt once the weather passed. When the sun comes out after a big storm, typically, the humidity is cranked up to 11. Things likely got very sticky, very fast, but tailgating while it's hot and humid is better than tailgating during a tropical storm.

Either way, the dedication shown from Miami fans is commendable! Rain, shine or hurricane, the Canes will continue to party.