Matt Leinart And Caleb Williams' NIL Company Drops Star-Studded Trailer For Arcade-Style College Football Video Game

As the Name, Image and Likness space continues to expand and evolve, HALL of GOATS (HoG) is merging digital avatars and gaming while offering NIL opportunities for college athletes across the country. It released the first, star-studded trailer for its free-to-play, arcade-style college football game earlier this week.

The game, which falls somewhere between NFL Street, FIFA Ultimate Team, and NFL Blitz, brings a new-school look to the old-school feel of an arcade game.

HALL of GOATS, co-founded by former USC player Greig Carlson, 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and current USC quarterback Caleb Williams is a gaming company built to help athletes capitalize on their NIL rights.

The game will combine the gaming space with customizable digital avatars that allow fans to interact with their favorite players, both in and outside the game.

Brain Graham, a 20+ year gaming industry veteran is overseeing the development. He previously worked with EA Sports on games like Madden NFL and NBA Live, so he knows what he's doing.

"The developmental stage of game building is like a 'blank sheet of paper.' You get a chance to find the 'soul' of your experience and what will make it unique and worthy of players' attention and time," he said. "Joining HALL of GOATS takes me back to an older era of sports games from my arcade days, where we have creative liberty and can build on something that focuses on just being fun."

What and who is HALL of GOATS?

By combining fast-pace gameplay with progression-based character development, gamers will have the ability to create their own avatars within the HoG game. From there, they can level-up and compete online against friends and other random opponents. Here is how it works:

Although HoG will continue to grow and expand, the first group of avatars includes some of the biggest names in the sport. It also combines the past and present. Here is the first group of athletes:

Although the game itself is not set to launch until 2024, HALL of GOATS is giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite players while it is in development. A 'Founder's Pass' will soon be available for an exclusive 72-hour window for $99.99 at and will provide exclusive deals, access and discounts.