Massive Ohio State Lineman Wearing A Comically Small Helmet Raises So Many Questions

Ohio State offensive lineman Dawand Jones is a very large 21-year-old. His helmet during Saturday's game against a terrible Iowa team did not reflect that notion.

Jones, a true senior, plays tackle for the Buckeyes and has two years of eligibility remaining. After seeing some time as a freshman and sophomore, he earned the starting job in 2021 and returned to anchor the right side of the line as the incumbent in 2022.

It's not hard to see why. Jones is an absolute mauler and knows how to seal an edge.

A large part of Jones' success stems from his ridiculous athleticism. He stands 6-foot-8, 364 pounds (down more than 10 pounds from last season) and moves like no man his size should.

The big fella was throwing down absolute hammers on the hardwood in high school.

He has not slowed down since arriving in Columbus.

Needless to say, Jones is a massive human. Especially for someone born in 2001.

Obviously, a big person requires a big uniform. That includes the jersey, shoulder pads, pants, cleats and helmet.

Four of those five crucial things were properly sized as on Saturday. One was not.

Ohio State offensive lineman Dawand Jones' helmet does not fit.

It was way too small. The bottom of Jones' facemask stopped just below his bottom lip and right above his chin. The back of his helmet left most of his occipital bone exposed.

There are a lot of questions to be asked here. Especially considering that Ohio State played its seventh game of the season on Saturday.

Regardless of the answers to these questions, there is no way to deny that Jones' helmet should probably be bigger than it is. It's comically small.