Louisville Player Caught On Video Chucking Water Bottle At Kentucky Fans Sparks Joke About Quarterback Play

Saturday's in-state rivalry game against Kentucky did not go well for Louisville. Not only did the Cardinals lose, one of their players did not handle the loss with grace.

First played on Oct. 12, 1912, the annual 'Governor's Cup' rivalry pits two schools that are separated by 75 miles against one at the end of November. It was not played from 1924 to 1994, but has been part of the programs' regular seasons in each of the last 28 years.

Despite the relative lack of history between Kentucky and Louisville on the gridiron, the bad blood runs deep. That was apparent after the clock hit zero.

The No. 25-ranked Cardinals suffered their fourth-straight loss to the Wildcats, which matches the longest losing streak in the rivalry's modern era. Head coach Scott Satterfield decided to tap backup quarterback Brock Domann before the game, but ultimately had to revert back to his regular starter Malik Cunningham in relief.

Domann or Cunningham, it didn't matter. Louisville could not get anything going through the air and completed just 17 of 27 total passes for 145 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions.

After the game, which Kentucky won 26-13 at home, tempers flared on the Louisville sideline.

Cardinals wide receiver Chris Bell threw a water bottle at a group of Wildcats in the stands. He looked around for a moment to see if anyone was looking and then chucked the Gatorade bottle into the crowd.

While it is unclear as to why Bell did what he did, or what the fans were saying prior to the incident, there is no denying that he threw a water bottle. It was caught on film.

Regardless of what went down, Bell's toss came with a tight spiral and a lot of velocity. As a result, the joke is that if Cunningham or Domann could throw like Bell, Louisville might have won!