Latest College Football Playoff Rankings

The latest rankings from the College Football Playoff committee are here:

1. Alabama
2. Notre Dame
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Texas A&M
6. Florida
7. Iowa State (up 2)
8. Cincinnati (down 1)
9. Georgia (down 1)
10. Miami
11. Oklahoma
12. Indiana
13. Coastal Carolina (up 5)
14. Northwestern
15. USC (up 5)
16. Iowa (up 3)
17. North Carolina
18. BYU (down 5)
19. ULL (up 6)
20. Texas (NR)
21. Colorado (NR)
22. Oklahoma State (down 7)
23. NC State (NR)
24. Tulsa
25. Missouri (NR)

Some notes:

1) The top six remains the same as last week. The biggest question mark now is what the Big Ten will do with Ohio State. It sure seems like they will let the Buckeyes in the title game, changing the rules requiring a six-game threshold, but we still have to see. Is there any chance in the world Ohio State would play Texas A&M, which also has an open date?

2) Coastal Carolina jumped up five spots for beating BYU, who dropped seven spots after losing.

3) Rough path for Cincinnati, which needed Texas A&M to lose to Auburn last week (which didn't happen), and won't play their game against Tulsa this week due to COVID-19 issues.

4) It doesn't have any playoff implications, but how about Eli Drinkwitz getting Mizzou into the top 25?

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