Lane Kiffin Recommends Deion Sanders For Auburn Head Coaching Vacancy

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin wasn't taking the bait on Wednesday with regards to a question about the Auburn head coach opening. But, Kiffin was quick to endorse Deion Sanders for the opening on the plains.

During his appearance on the SEC teleconference, the media asked Kiffin about the Tigers current vacancy but took the time to discuss his love for Ole Miss, while also recommending Deion Sanders.

"We don't really comment on those things. They happen every year a lot of times," Kiffin said. "All they are is a product of players performing well and assistant coaches. We're extremely happy here. Got something really special going on. Have great support here from the administration and the chancellor. Just trying to get better to play the best program in the last ten years (Alabama) of college football."


Although he wouldn't talk about the Auburn job for himself, he did discuss another Mississippi coach as a potential candidate. When asked about Jackson State's Deion Sanders, Kiffin made it clear that he thought Sanders would be a good hire for Auburn.

"I think he'd do great. I think that's a great name and they should hire him," Kiffin said of Sanders. "He's a great recruiter, great name. This is a different world we're in now because recruiting has always been important. But now we have the portal. You can change a roster faster than you ever could before, and you could lose a roster faster than you ever could before.

"The ability to hire Deion and have that name right away and portal people who want to be playing for him right away," Kiffin added.

The transfer portal will look completely different once the new window opens in December. This is an area that Kiffin thinks Deion Sanders could thrive in.

"You can flip a roster, where before realistically, it would take two to three years to truly turn a roster around," Kiffin continued. "You can do it immediately, you see teams get depleted and just look completely different the next year. Like our team. Picture our team without the portal. Take those guys out of there and look what it looks like."

Safe to say that Lane Kiffin is saying all the right things right now in regards to any potential movement in regards to his career. As for Deion Sanders, the Ole Miss head coach is all for him joining the SEC.

This could all be smoke, knowing Kiffin. But usually where there's smoke, there's fire.

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