Lane Kiffin Nearly Has A Heart Attack After Hearing His Daughters' Shopping Bill

Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin might never hand his daughters a credit card again.

Kiffin's daughter Landry shared a TikTok video of him asking her and her sister Pressley how much their Zara shopping bill was. When the coach of the Rebels heard it was north of $700, he damn near fainted.

Check out his laugh-out-loud reaction in the video below.

Checking your pulse is a classic dad move. That's an original hall of fame move for whenever things are going south, especially when it comes to a shopping bill.

The thing is, I don't think he's faking that reaction. Watch his face change as soon as he hears the dollar amount! You can't fake that kind of reaction.

That was genuine, and he wasn't happy!

The crazy thing is Kiffin will earn more than $7 million this season. Yet, he's still worried about watching his budget!

That's a mindset most people don't have. So many people just run through money, and they're a lot less wealthy than Kiffin.

Yet, even with millions coming his way, he wasn't pleased with a $721 bill!

I hope his daughters enjoyed the shopping spree. Something tells me it won't happen again soon!