Lane Kiffin Continues To Jab At Hugh Freeze After Turning Down Auburn Job, Throws Shade Over Familiar Sweatshirt Logo

Lane Kiffin had the opportunity to leave Ole Miss for Auburn during the offseason but chose to stay in Oxford instead of moving to The Plains. The Tigers' top choice turned down the job so they pivoted to Hugh Freeze, who once coached the Rebels before he resigned after "pattern of personal misconduct."

This unique duo of SEC West coaches sets up a very interesting rivalry with a lot of underlying storylines. When the two teams get together on the gridiron, there is going to be bad blood.

That was evident right away.

Not long after Freeze got the job and returned to the SEC, he made a bold statement about how he "leapfrogged" his time at Ole Miss by taking the job at Auburn. Kiffin responded to the comment with a jab at inappropriate social media conduct that nearly caused Freeze to miss out on his new job and a (since refuted) report that he had to relinquish control to his account.

A few months later, Kiffin one-upped Freeze, who had shared a photo of a large bass caught on a lake in Virginia. The former responded to the latter with a big Mahi Mahi.

The rivalry between Kiffin and Freeze is going to be fun, and it went up another level on Thursday.

Kiffin has referred to Mississippi as 'The Sip' since his arrival in Oxford. The branding has been a big part of his push at the program, and he often wears a sweatshirt with the 'SIP' logo.

The logo is not original. It closely resembles the SEC logo.

However, Kiffin and Ole Miss made it their own. The 'SIP' logo was used a lot over the last few years.

During a recent appearance on Crain & Co., Freeze wore a hoodie that looked nearly identical to Kiffin's. It swapped SIP for WAR, as in War Eagle.

Again, the logo is based off the SEC. Freeze's WAR hoodie is not based off of Kiffin's SIP hoodie...

... but ...

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, no?

As the image made its way across the internet, Bunkie Perkins photoshopped the logo from WAR to WAP— which Freeze may or may not know something about. Kiffin got got by the doctored image, but it led to a hilarious retort. The jokes in the comments are endless.

Not long thereafter, as he often does, Kiffin posted a photo of a plane that he encountered while out traveling the country. It just so happened to time perfectly with his most recent twitter exchange.

Ole Miss travels to Auburn on Oct. 21, 2023 for the first meeting between Kiffin and Freeze. Buckle up, because for as long as these two polarizing coaches are in the SEC West, it's going to be fireworks. Especially as Kiffin continues to relentlessly jab at Freeze.