Kirby Smart Once Again Flexes On College Football, Lands Helicopter On High School Front Lawn For Recruiting Trip

With National Signing Day around the corner and the dead period quickly approaching, Kirby Smart is trying to be as efficient as possible in his recruiting efforts. That means it's helicopter tour season.

Less than a month after winning his second-straight CFP National Championship, Georgia's head football coach is out on the recruiting trail. Rather, he is in the recruiting skies?

Where most college football coaches drive across their region and/or get on a private jet to meet with prospective prospects a little bit further away, Smart does things differently. Every year for the past few years, he has hopped in a helicopter and makes the most of his time.

It's efficient and time conducive, especially for in-state visits. The Bulldogs staff collectively hit 100 (!!) high schools last Friday and the whirlybird certainly helped get that

On Friday, Smart took his chopper over state lines into the Volunteer State and stopped by the Baylor School in Tennessee. The Bulldogs are actively recruiting wide receivers Amari Jefferson and Cameron Sparks.

Where it would have taken about three hours to drive to Chattanooga from Athens, the helicopter cuts that time in half, more or less. Upon arrival, it was a scene.

No matter where Kirby Smart goes, his helicopter makes for quite the spectacle.

Smart has landed anywhere from the parking lot to the 50-yard-line of the football field.

Sometimes he touches down on the outfield of the baseball field.

Other times, he parks on the front lawn.

No matter where Kirby Smart lands his bird, the entire school stops what it is doing to watch it go down. Georgia currently holds the No. 2-ranked recruiting class in the country for 2023 with two five-star prospects and an astonishing 20 (!!) four-star prospects already committed.

The Bulldogs staff might add another player or two to their class, but will likely turn focus toward getting a jumpstart on 2024 and 2025. Georgia currently has the No. 1-ranked class for next year and the year after. It's early, but that's why Smart takes the helicopter— to get ahead of everybody else!