Kevin Durant Roasts Brent Venables During Texas' Blowout Win Over Oklahoma, Claps Back At Haters In His Mentions

As the Longhorns were utterly dominating, Durant decided to pile on.

Brent Venables, who left Clemson to become the head coach in Norman during the offseason, is 3-3 in his first season. He is also 0-1 in the school's most hostile rivalry.

Oklahoma completed just nine passes on Saturday for 39 yards and no touchdowns with two interceptions. None of its running backs went over 60 yards.

Kevin Durant watched Texas' beatdown on Oklahoma unfold and decided that Brent Venables is not a winner.

He thinks that the first-year coach needs to hand over control.

The haters were riled up. In response to Durant's tweet, one OU fan said that the Nets star needs to pass his joystick.

Durant clapped back and told her to accept the loss.

Another Sooners fan said that no matter how much Durant trolls Oklahoma, he will never be the most hated man in the state. That title belongs to Lincoln Riley.

Durant didn't care. He wasn't worried about a list while Texas put a beatdown on their rivals.

Needless to say, Durant was riding high after the win. As every Texas fan should be.

On the flip side, Oklahoma probably wishes that it could pull out the cartridge and blow on it. The program needs a hard reset after Saturday, it was one of the ugliest losses in program history and there is not one single positive takeaway from the game.

Venables and his coaching staff could not get their team to do anything and Durant thinks its time to pull the ripcord in Norman. He is not alone in that thinking, but it's too early to rule Venables out. For now.