Kentucky QB Will Levis Takes His Coffee With A Side Of Mayo

Screw the cream and sugar.

Kentucky's Will Levis orders up his coffee with a dash of mayo. Like a man.

Or a psycho.

"I do think it’s a staple of where it has gotten me as far as I have so far with my body and my physical performance," Levis said of mayo, while appearing on Pardon My Take earlier this week.

Despite the high calories that accompany a few globs of Hellmann's, Levis' offseason wouldn't be complete without the white stuff.

"We've made sure to find a plan that allows me to have mayo in my diet as frequently as I can while taking sacrifices elsewhere," Levis added.

Levis, expected to be amongst the Heisman Trophy contenders this fall, subscribes to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" method -- he's been fueled by mayo throughout a standout career and so sees no reason to change now.

"It’s worked so far and I’m gonna keep doing it,” insisted the mayonnaise-loving signal caller.

When it was suggested by Pardon My Take's "PFT" that people who don't like mayo on a turkey sandwich are psychopaths, Levis took it a step further: "Isn't like all aioli technically mayo too?"

Doubtful. But the man has beliefs, and dammit, he's free to share 'em.

"All these fancy people try to say, 'Oh I got this fancy aioli for my side or whatever.' I'm like, 'Dude, it's fancy mayo, don't call it anything more than what it is.' It's delicious stuffand people should just accept that," insisted Levis.

An arguably less fancy snack enjoyed by Levis is unpeeled brown bananas.

Yep. Kentucky's QB1 has no issue eating brown bananas bite by bite, peel and all. There's plenty of video evidence to back this up -- not that Levis would ever deny tapping into such a unique source of potassium.

"I definitely, from time to time, do still eat the bananas with the peels on," Levis confirmed to PMT.

When it comes to food, to each their own. But let's be real, this shit is bananas.



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