Kedon Slovis' Unique Take On BYU Heckling Now Very Relevant As His Future Becomes Clear With Transfer Visits

Kedon Slovis is searching for the next stop on his college football journey and the picture is starting to become more clear. His list of suitors and impending visits help to narrow things down, but one unique quote from 2019 makes things even more interesting.

Slovis, a former three-star recruit in the Class of 2019, committed to USC out of high school. He was never supposed to start as a freshman but was thrust into the QB1 role after an injury to J.T. Daniels in the season-opener.

Although the Trojans did not finish as strong as they might have hoped before the season began, Slovis went 7-4 as a starter and completed 71.9% of his passes for 3,502 yards and 30 touchdowns. There was a lot of promise in his play and he looked to be a viable option for the future.

As a result, Slovis was a dark horse Heisman trophy candidate in 2020, but the COVID-shortened season saw him play just six games. USC won five of them and its sophomore quarterback was a huge part.

Despite all of the success in years one and two, Slovis struggled as a junior in 2021. He hit the transfer portal after the season, with Caleb Williams on his way from Oklahoma to Los Angeles.

Eight days later, the Arizona-native committed to Pittsburgh and headed east where he was named the starter. Slovis went 7-4 in 2022 but never quite played to his potential.

Now he is back in the transfer portal.

Where will Kedon Slovis end up?

There is a lot of time left for Slovis to make a decision on where to play next season. He just has to enroll before the add/drop date of the spring semester at his next school if he wants to compete in spring practices.

In the meantime, Slovis' short list is starting to take shape. According to Adam Gorney of Rivals, Notre Dame, UCLA and BYU have flown out to meet with the transfer quarterback face-to-face.

Additionally, Slovis was in Provo to visit BYU last weekend. He will try to visit UCLA soon and may visit Oregon State at a later date to be determined.

Of the three, his trip to visit the Cougars stands out in particular. Slovis also traveled to BYU as the starting quarterback of USC in 2019— and lost.

During an appearance on The MOMENTUM TRUCK Podcast in 2021, he offered an interesting take on the Cougars fanbase.

"My freshman year, we are playing at BYU. The craziest thing to me – well, like, Provo is a weird place. We go in and people are like smiling and saying, 'Thank you for coming to play.' I was like, what? There were people at the stadium who waiting there with, like, shower bag goodies for after the game. And they’re like, 'I hope you enjoy it. Good luck to you guys.'”

Slovis also spoke to the heckling.

"They’re all Mormon, right? So they’re not drinking. I think that’s almost more intimidating. You’re going in there and usually if there are people who are heckling you, you’re like 'alright, they’re just drunk.' But every single person in that stadium is sober heckling you and they’re, like, not cussing. They’re like, 'Slovis, you stink!' They were like ruthless. But, in the back of your mind, they’re not even being drunk and stupid. They are genuinely heckling you for the sake of heckling you."

Obviously, especially considering the fact that he visited campus last week, Slovis was not malicious with his comments. In fact, a year and a half later, they have come full-circle.

He may choose to play for the team whose fanbase left him awestruck!