Karen Rovell Doesn't Believe In Northwestern, Cashes Out Early on Futures Bet

Karen Rovell went to Northwestern. As such, he likes to have fun with his alma mater each year by placing a bet on the Wildcats to win the Big Ten championship.

Except this year, No. 14 Northwestern actually had a shot. The team was 7-1 and facing off against No. 4 Ohio State. If they were to win, Rovell would have pocketed $238,000. If they lost, well ... Rovell walks away with nothing.

But hey, this is about more than money. This is about loyalty to your team.

After claiming he would not hedge the bet, Rovell decided the offer from PointsBetUSA was too much to walk away from. With his team up 10-6 on the Buckeyes, he accepted the $67,831 offer.

No loyalty, man.

How can Northwestern believe in themselves when Rovell wasn't willing to stand with them? Since he took that money and ran, Ohio State went on to score 16 straight points and take away a 22-10 victory in the Big Ten title game.

Having one of your biggest supporters bail on you was simply too much to overcome. Hate it for the Wildcats.

But hey ... those pockets got a bit deeper, though.

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