Johnny Manziel Takes A Shot At Texas For Steve Sarkisian Heisman 'Congratulations'

Johnny Manziel knows stolen Heisman valor when he sees it, so he didn't even hesitate Tuesday night to fire off a shot at the University of Texas and new Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian. The UT football Twitter account tweeted out a graphic congratulating Steve Sarkisian for running an offense that "produced two Heisman Trophy finalists," including the winner, Devonta Smith.

Johnny knows what his sworn enemy is up to here: stolen valor. The two Heisman finalists referred to in the tweet played in the SEC, but Sarkisian is now a head coach in the Big 12.

"You guys pretty much won the SEC championship too...CONGRATS!!!!!" Manziel tweeted at the enemy school.

Texas has a job to do here, and that's use Steve Sarkisian's success at Alabama and in the SEC for all it's worth to gain whatever recruiting edge it can get. You're damn right Sark's going to head to those high schools and name-drop Devonta. You're correct to assume Sark's going to say he turned Mac Jones into a 70% completion passer. He's in a dogfight with Oklahoma, A&M and all the other Big 12 dogs for that Texas talent, and Sark's going to get nasty down in the trenches.

However, Johnny's also going to sit there and launch attacks while lounging on the couch after a long day of crushing golf balls.

It didn't take long for the UT fans to launch their own attacks back at Johnny, who is clearly fine with counterattacks. One fan reminded John Football that A&M has a trophy with Jimbo Fisher "20--" national championship on the front. Longhorns fans think that's stolen national championship valor from Florida State of the ACC.

You get the idea. Johnny struck a nerve.

Will Sark be able to turn the Longhorns into an offensive juggernaut? That shouldn't be a problem in a sport where top-level defense doesn't exist out of the top 3-4 teams.

“I believe it will translate well," Sarkisian told reporters after being hired. "Clearly it was effective in the Pac-12. It was effective in the National Football League. It was effective in the SEC so far. So I think it'll translate well. It is an attacking style of offensive play, but a physical brand of football. We believe in running the football, and then in turn creating things in the passing game in the running game.

“I've been fortunate enough to have a 1,000-yard rusher every year I've been calling plays in college football, so there's definitely belief in running the football. But the balanced attack I think is what makes us go. When you put it all together, now you really have to recruit all the positions. We're not just a quarterback-driven system, but we definitely need a quarterback to make this go and at play at a high level.”

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