Joe Tessitore Calls Awesome Moment His Son Pulled Off Trick Play

Imagine you are calling your own son's football game. He is playing against the top-ranked team in the country. As a redshirt sophomore punter/kicker, he doesn't see the field that often. But he is the team's holder on field goals.

Then imagine your son pulling off a huge play that led to his team adding another touchdown to its lead against the No. 1 team in the country. Well, that is exactly what play-by-play commentator Joe Tessitore got to experience on Saturday.

His son, John, isn't listed on the Boston College's depth chart at any other position than holder. That doesn't mean he isn't capable of making a game-changing play, however.

With the score at 21-10 with only 1:07 left before the half, the Eagles were lining up for a field goal to take a two-touchdown lead heading into halftime. Instead, it was a trick play where the young Tessitore lined up under center and drew Clemson offsides for a first down.

First of all, it was a well-designed fake. It is going to take those sort of bold moves to upset the top team in the nation. Secondly, it led to another touchdown by Boston College to extend the lead to 18 points.

And the best part? Joe got to call the entire thing, and you can tell he was beaming with pride following the successful execution. How awesome is that? How many people can say they've shared a similar moment? Not many, I can assure you.

Check out the cool moment:

Clemson did counter with a field goal to close the gap to 28-13 at halftime.

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