Jimbo Fisher's 2022 Recruiting Class Beat Saban, Bama

Make no mistake, Nick Saban prides himself on recruiting the best high school football players in the land. He had the best class in 2021, and then Jimbo Fisher passed him this year.

In 2022, Jimbo Fisher had the No. 1 ranked recruiting class, according to Rivals.com. He netted six 5-star recruits and 20 4-star recruits. Nick Saban was second with four 5-star recruits and 17 4-star recruits. There were 32 Rivals 5-star players this year. Texas A&M got six, Georgia got five, four other teams got two. Nineteen of the 32 5-star recruits went to six teams total, the other 13 went to schools that got one 5-star player.

The big problem for Nick is that he always gets the most 4- and 5-star players every year, until this year. Jimbo got 26 of those players, and Nick got 21. Nick counts on developing raw talent for the next level. It is one of his main recruiting points: Nicks players get to the NFL:

At 70 years of age, Saban has already cemented his legacy in the history of college football. Since 2009, Nick is 6-3 in National Championship games. Jimbo Fisher was an assistant under Nick Saban at LSU from 2000-2004, and the two won a national championship there in 2003. Before today, they were reportedly tight. Jimbo Fisher is not taking his calls as of today.