Jimbo Fisher Reveals His Blunt Texas A&M Recruiting Pitch

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher has a pretty simple pitch for recruits.

The Aggies hauled in a dominant 2022 recruiting class with a grand total of eight five star recruits. It turns out that his pitch involves winning a title and building statues outside Kyle Field.

"Do you want to go somewhere that's won championships, or do you want to be the first to do it? The people you remember, the guys that really make a difference in the world are the guys that are first to do it ... Those are the ones that got statues outside they talk about all the time," Fisher told Colin Cowherd during a Wednesday episode of "The Herd" when asked to sell him on his pitch.

It's hard to argue with the logic of some of what Jimbo told Cowherd. If you bring the first title to a program, you're going to carve out your spot in history forever.

Let's use Georgia as an example. The Bulldogs won two national titles prior to last year, but Kirby Smart is forever a legend in Athens for bringing the first title since 1980.

He'll never have to buy a beer again and will almost certainly end up with a statue if he keeps it up.

The Aggies claim three national titles, and all of them came before WWII. That means anyone around for that success probably isn't around anymore or is super old.

If you roll into College Station, dominate the SEC and bring home a title after winning the College Football Playoff, you're going to be remembered forever.

Jimbo Fisher is 100% correct on that point.

Now, making the pitch and actually going out and doing it are two very different things. Texas A&M is improving under Fisher and is drawing in big recruits. However, the Aggies still haven't even won their side of the SEC. Until that happens, Jimbo Fisher should probably slow his roll on the national title talk!

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