Jimbo Fisher Confident An Ass Beating Is Coming For Nick Saban

Jimbo Fisher is a funny guy. He's been known to make some light-hearted, playful jokes over the years.

On Wednesday, the Texas A&M coach made a comment during an appearance at the Houston Touchdown Club that most Alabama fans won't find funny. Fisher was asked his thoughts on the key to beating Alabama -- other than Saban retiring.

His response?

"We're going to beat his ass, even when he's there," Fisher said laughingly.

This was obviously a joke, and Fisher even went on to praise his "good friend" Saban, but that isn't going to stop the masses from running with this. In fact, I bet Fisher is already regretting it.

Even Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin, who knows Saban all too well, tweeted out a response to the comment. He believes the comment just became bulletin board material in the Alabama weight room.

The Aggies have faced off against the Crimson Tide three times since Fisher's arrival in College Station. The final scores were 45-23 (22 point difference), 47-28 (19 points) and 52-24 (28 points). In other words, Texas A&M hasn't come within three scores of Alabama.

Even as a College Football Playoff contender in 2020, Fisher's squad suffered its worst loss to Saban. Will things change? Fisher certainly seems to think so. As for me, I'm not nearly as confident -- and neither is Kiffin.

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