Jim Harbaugh's Unofficial Rivalry With Molly McGrath Continues As Michigan Head Coach Dips Out Early On Yet Another Interview

Michigan football pulled off a last-second win over Illinois on Saturday, but Jim Harbaugh was quick to dip out during his postgame interview. The short-lived conversation only added to his hilarious, long-standing rivalry with ESPN's Molly McGrath, whether he knew it or not.

The Wolverines, who are in the driver's seat for the College Football Playoff, welcomed a strong Illini team to Ann Arbor. They needed a field goal as time expired to pull it out, but a win is a win and we must hail to the victors.

As is standard, once the clock hit zero, Harbaugh went out to midfield and shook the hand of opposing head coach Bret Bielema. Not far behind was McGrath, who was waiting for her opportunity to snag him for a few questions on-air.

Harbaugh obliged, and spoke about how proud he was of his team before turning around and calling some of his players over to chat to the ESPN sideline reporter. As he did, McGrath did her best to keep his focus and continue with her line of questioning.

Her efforts were largely unsuccessful and Harbaugh handed the interview duties over to quarterback J.J. McCarthy and kicker Jake Moody before not-so-quietly slipping away.

This continued a recent trend for Harbaugh. He often dips out early on postgame interviews, but it seems like it happens most frequently to McGrath.

Molly McGrath vs. Jim Harbaugh — An Unofficial Rivalry

The former completely snubbed the latter last October.

Just over a month later, Harbaugh answered just one question before passing the baton over to one of his players.

McGrath was clearly displeased, especially after getting ignored just a few weeks before.

It is not a secret that Harbaugh does the player pass on purpose. He has mastered the art of the handoff, pun intended.

However, it comes at the expense of the sideline reporters trying to do their jobs and it is obviously frustrating for them. McGrath being the first.