Jim Harbaugh Prioritized Michigan State, Ohio State Games During DC Search

The head coach of the University of Michigan football team has two jobs: beat Michigan State and Ohio State. And after a surprisingly successful season last fall, head coach Jim Harbaugh has finally done his two jobs. He's just never done them in the same season. Last year, Harbaugh finally caught the white whale and trounced the Ohio State Buckeyes on his home turf. The win secured a place in the Big Ten Championship Game and all but assured the team a place in the College Football Playoff final four. Very few can criticize their performance in 2021. But the Michigan State Spartans can. That's right, the Wolverines may have bested the Buckeyes in November, but they choked away a game at Spartan Stadium a month earlier. Though Michigan was ahead by 30-14 with about 4 mins remaining in the 3rd quarter, the Spartans ultimately prevailed 37-33. The Spartans haven't forgotten that, and neither has Harbaugh. Harbaugh, who flirted with the idea of pairing up with former Spartan QB Kirk Cousins and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings during the offseason