Jesse Kelly: 'I’m A College Football Freak, Especially Because I Hate the NFL'

Joining the OutKick The Tailgate crew from College Station, Jesse Kelly discussed his deep roots with Ohio State football and how his allegiance to the college game has only grown stronger as the narrative surrounding the NFL has regressed in recent years.

"I'm a college football freak, especially because I hate the NFL," stated Kelly. "It used to be college football and the NFL, but I don't do that anymore."

Kelly's passion for CFB is rooted in his die-hard spirit for Buckeyes football, and just like every sane college football faithful, a firm opposition toward the Crimson Tide and head coach Nick Saban.

"So I'm dedicated to college football. I was born in Ohio, so everyone knows who I'm a fan of: born and bred Ohio don't have a choice in that matter. So basically I'm stuck with this permanent hatred of Alabama because they've been kicking us around, and now I've gotta root A&M so hard today."

With former Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer stealing headlines this week, Kelly was asked whether the perception on Meyer has changed since his days coaching in Columbus.

"He brought me a national title as an Ohio State fan. What he does after that, at a bar or after he's had one too many, is not really my business," admitted Kelly.

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