Jamey Chadwell Has Bigger Issues Than South Carolina Job Opening

Will Muschamp was fired by South Carolina Sunday night, and that immediately sent TV sports departments across the state into overdrive trying to get a comment out of just about every possible replacement candidate, including Coastal Carolina head coach Jamey Chadwell. A bulldog journalist like Scott Eisberg from WCIV in Charleston knows that Chadwell, whose Chanticleers (7-0) are now ranked No. 15 in the AP poll, is a clear target for the Gamecocks.

"...you have a comment or statement on the current open job at South Carolina," Eisberg asked, trying to get that elusive content to break on social media.

"Right now my wife's van has a brake light out. Im focused on trying to fix it without getting her upset. I've got bigger issues to worry about," the coach texted back with a smiley face emoji.

Some of you guys think a football guy like Chadwell is probably in his home office on a Sunday breaking down tape on this week's opponent, which for the record is App St., and that he only comes out to crush protein shakes and get his steps in. Nonsense! Chadwell is a married man, and he's not taking a van into the shop for a brake light. He's in the garage fixing the issue, like all old school football guys do.

"Yes! If u see me driving around town with a brake light out, I need everyone 2mind their business," Chadwell's wife, Solmaz, wrote on Twitter. "Going 2buy a bulb for it today Though I must say I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have 100 people knocking on my door this AM willing 2 fix it #GlamorousLifeOfACoachsWife"

Chadwell's time is in high demand right now. Not only does Solmaz need work done on her van, but Jamey's also busy doing the national media rounds. He joined Clay and OutKick last week to discuss the challenges associated with coaching in 2020 and how the Chadwell family dressed as Goonies characters for Halloween.

South Carolina made the first move in the 2020 coaching carousel. Now it's time to see if they go out and grab Chadwell and help him upgrade the family van, or if they go with one of the other hot names like Billy Napier of U. of Louisiana at Lafayette, Hugh Freeze of Liberty or Shawn Elliott of Georgia State. Another name Gamecocks fans are throwing out there is Joe Brady, who is now with the Carolina Panthers after serving as Joe Burrow's offensive coordinator at LSU. 

Now you see why Chadwell prefers to mind his business and worry about a brake light.

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