Jackson State Wins First Game, But Confusion Ensued Over Deion Sanders’ Lost Valuables

Update: Sanders has confirmed in a tweet that the items were, in fact, stolen out of his personal bag. His assistant saw a man taking the items but had to secure help to retrieve them because she was alone. This story is only a couple turns away from needing a GPS to reach the conclusion.

Deion Sanders has seen his time as the Jackson State head coach get off to a great start -- or at least it has on the field. The Tigers got a 53-0 opening week win against the Edward Waters Tigers on Sunday, after all.

It's what happened off the field -- in the locker room, in particular -- that turned out to be a major talking point.

According to Sanders during his initial postgame press conference, a lot of his valuable personal belongings were stolen. He said that someone went into the coaches office while the game was going on and took his wallets, credit cards, watches and other belongings.

"I’m pissed off right now because I have mixed emotions,” Sanders said. "We won, the kids played really well, but while the game was going on, someone came in and stole every darn thing I had in the locker room in the coaches office. Credit cards, wallet, watches. Thank God I had on my necklaces. How? So when I talk about the quality, raising the standards, that goes for everyone. Not just the people on the field, not just the coaches, not just the teacher, not just the faculty, but everybody. Security and everybody.

"So how do you think it feels, coming back and having just (been) teary-eyed because the guys presented me with the game ball, one of the best moments I’ve ever had in my professional sports career emotionally, and then you go into your locker room, your coaches office, and you notice that you don’t even have a phone to call your mama, to call your girl, to call your kids because it’s been stolen. You don’t even have the hats that you wore here. We’re gonna find out who did it."

Sanders was understandably upset, but this is where things get interesting. Apparently, his belongings weren't stolen at all. They were moved for "safe keeping," according to Ross Dellinger with Sports Illustrated and SI Now.

Sounds like an unfortunate situation. Either some random culprit returned the belongings in record time, or it was just a misunderstanding. Either way, I'm sure Sanders would rather be discussing his team's impressive win than what happened following the game.

Wild times.

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