Investigation: Did Urban Meyer Record A Fox Sports Hit From A Resort Near Austin?

The Urban Meyer to Texas rumor has reached the point where Longhorns fans are investigating whether the football coach recorded a Fox Sports piece from Horseshoe Bay resort, which is 55 miles from the University of Texas. The investigation, conducted on the message boards, focuses on the drapes and chair that appear in Urban's video hit with Joel Klatt.

The investigation has gone so deep that fans are looking through Horseshoe Bay photos to figure out if any rooms at that resort have ceiling fans. As you can see in the Urban video, there's a ceiling fan. It has sent Longhorns fans, suffering through 4-3 season, on a wild goose chase.

It doesn't stop there. Fans are also focused on and a flight scheduled for Thursday from Ohio State University to Horseshoe Bay. The flight is scheduled to leave the Ohio State University airport and arrive at Horseshoe Bay's airport at 2:12 CST. Will that plane carry Shelley Meyer? Is Urban already there?

Do with it what you like. It's college football search season, and Texas fans need a savior. Matching up drapes gives people hope and causes drama. We're one Instagram photo of Urban on any part of Texas soil away from a full-fledged meltdown from Longhorns fans. I'll stay on this beat and see how it develops on the message boards.



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