Hilarious Sequence Shows Iowa State Students Work Together To Throw Oklahoma Football Clear Out Of The Stadium

Iowa State football could not pull out a win over Oklahoma on Saturday, but at the very least, the Cyclones' student section made the Sooners lives just a little more difficult. They joined together as a team and threw one of the visitors' football clear out of the stadium.

Late in the third quarter, OU quarterback Dillon Gabriel found wide receiver Jalil Farooq and took a 19-6 lead on a 41-yard touchdown. On the proceeding extra point — whether it went over the net, around the net, or the net didn't get up in time — the ball somehow ended up in the stands.

It's not uncommon that this happens. And what happened next is not particularly uncommon either.

However, it is rare that the entire sequence is caught on film like it was on Saturday.

Iowa State students threw an Oklahoma football into the parking lot.

The Iowa State student section worked together as a team to get the ball from the lower bowl, to the upper deck, and ultimately out of the stadium. It was hilarious.

Video shows the ball start at the bottom, where a grey-hoodied student puts everything he had into his throw up. It sailed up over the digital board and into the first row of the upper deck. They went bonkers over the completion.

From there, a student wearing a Levi Hummel jersey and a straw hat let it rip to the top row, where another jersey-clad student made a fingertip grab. He turned around and threw it clear out of Jack Trice Stadium.

Unfortunately, the fun-hating authorities that be did not find the stunt as funny as it is. The student who threw the ball out of the stadium was escorted out by security, which is super lame. As he was, the entire section unleashed a full-throated, well-deserved boo.

Should we not be promoting camaraderie and teamwork at our institutes of higher learning?