Gus Malzahn, Auburn Players Pay Respect to Legendary Coach Pat Dye

Auburn lost Pat Dye in June and both its current coach and players will honor his legacy during the game against Kentucky.

Malzahn wore the traditional Dye outfit for the contest:

The team will wear a helmet decal.

It sticker will have “PD” with the words “sixty minutes” surrounding Dye’s initials.

The phrase "sixty minutes" is a reference to Dye’s introductory press conference on when a reporter asked Dye how long it would take for Auburn to beat Alabama.

“Sixty minutes,” Dye said.

“I want to expressly thank Coach Malzahn for wanting to honor Dad this fall with a helmet decal,” Dye Jr. told “I thought it was important to incorporate a message that spoke to his legacy and his philosophy, not only about coaching, about football, but about life, but also spoke to this team in an inspirational way as he had done for 30 years in his hall of fame coaching career.”

Auburn is taking on Kentucky to open the season.