Greg Sankey Sidesteps Question About Texas And Oklahoma Joining SEC

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey went as far as he could in addressing the rumors that Texas and Oklahoma are looking to leave the Big 12 and join the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU and the rest.

"I'm not commenting on the report, anonymous sources ... I've been consistent in that," Sankey told TexasAgs. "I've really been focused on what we've done as a league over the last 10 years. (Texas A&M) has bee a great part of that and will continue to be. Excited for the year ahead."

Sankey did sort of hint that anything is possible.

"We'll focus on our future and to the bigger picture, my task is to make sure this conference is in the best possible position for whatever is gonna happen," he added. "The pace of change is at the highest level in the history of college sports. We're all gonna be adaptable, that's our reality."

While Sankey wisely danced around the topic, Big 12 athletic directors and CEOs are expected to meet Thursday to address the idea that Texas and Oklahoma could potentially move to the SEC, as relayed by OutKick's Clint Lamb.

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