Georgia's Stetson Bennett Will Not Play In Senior Bowl, Instead Putting Focus On NFL Combine, Draft

Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett has played his last game wearing the Bulldog helmet. There were conversations about him playing in the upcoming Senior Bowl, but it appears to not be happening.

According to Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy, Senior Bowl reps did have discussions with Stetson Bennett team about potentially participating in the upcoming event, but Bennett's side decided he would focus on the NFL combine and draft.

It should be noted that Bennett was never officially invited to the Senior Bowl. The game takes place on Saturday, Feb. 4, in Mobile, Ala. and is a chance for college seniors to showcase themselves in front of NFL coaches and scouts.

This is an eye-opening move, especially considering both sides were having conversations to get Bennett to the game. The event would've been an opportunity for the 25-year-old Bennett to get in front of NFL teams and drive-up his draft stock. Bennett is a two-time national champion, but considered undersized (listed at 5-foot-11, 190 pounds) as an NFL quarterback.

Stetson Bennett 'Not A Fifth-Round QB'

I spoke with one NFL assistant coach about Bennett's draft stock, and he pointed out that Bennett probably won't be a fifth-round pick. The assistant also said Bennett is a proven winner and a team will take a chance on him.

“Stetson is a unique quarterback. He doesn’t stand out when it comes to size, but his ability to scramble is what led Georgia to multiple victories over his time in Athens. I’ll be interested to see what some NFL teams decide to do when it comes to the draft,” one current NFL assistant coach told OutKick. “All the young man does is win football games, while having the ability to hit a receiver in-stride. He’s not a fifth-round QB, but somebody could take a chance on him in the last two rounds, if they need a winner.” 

We will see where Stetson Bennett goes in the upcoming NFL draft, but an appearance at the Senior Bowl could've done him good.

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