Former Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. Called A Hero After Saving Family From Burning House

Former Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. is being praised for his heroic actions following a house fire on Monday night.

The former Cornhusker was in his hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi, visiting family when a fire started at a house next door to his mother's home. Not wasting any time, Armstrong and his mother jumped into action, helping get the family out of the burning house.

Armstrong explained to WLOX in Gulfport what happened during the incident.

"I saw a bunch of smoke, so I just started grabbing bricks and throwing it through the window," Armstrong recalled about the incident. "I realized they were trying to get out of the back right window. So, I crawled in there, grabbed her, picked her up and drug her to the window, and we got her out. At the end of the day, I was just trying to find her. I’ve known her since I was a little kid."

Tommy Armstrong Jr. And Mother's Heroic Actions

The former Nebraska quarterback and his mother are being called heroes by residents in the neighborhood and Gulfport community. If it weren't for the quick reaction of the family, the scene could've been a lot worse. His wife, Jaylyn, was with them Monday night and shed light on their actions.

Armstrong told local news outlets that he grew up next to the family who suffered the loss of their house on Monday evening. Tommy had lived in the Gulfport area until a Hurricane struck in 2005, forcing him to live with his father in Texas.

At Nebraska, Tommy Armstrong Jr. set career records for total offense, total touchdowns, passing yards and passing touchdowns, playing from 2013-2016. The former Cornhusker got his start in coaching this past season, as the offensive coordinator for Lincoln Northstar high school

On Tuesday morning, Armstrong shared on social media that life is too precious and make sure the folks around you know how much they're appreciated.

"Hug your family extra tight and always tell them how much you appreciate them. Life is too precious."

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