Football Imposter Made It Into A USC Practice & Fielded Punts

There was a wild story out of Los Angeles late last week about a guy who, on April Fool's Day, figured out a way to get into pads and a jersey and end up on the USC practice field receiving punts before someone realized he was an imposter, according to USC insider Scott Wolf. The story goes that the guy got past USC facility security and into the locker room, found a helmet, jersey and cleats, and then walked past more security on his way to Howard Jones Field where the Trojans practice.

The imposter is then into the practice where he makes his way to the fielding punts station. He then starts catching balls before "a football staffer finally noticed him" and got suspicious.

If that's not crazy enough, USC security says they've dealt with the guy in the past, but that he's never gone to the extreme of looking to get a practice in.

“I’m not sure how he got into the McKay Center so easily,” a security source told Wolf. “That’s the question and the problem for me. He also shouldn’t even be on campus with the COVID-19 restrictions. We had a previous issue with him at the soccer field, so we knew who he was but he had never done something like this before.”

Football imposters aren't a new phenomenon, but going to such an extreme in 2021 is definitely a work of art. Back in 2018, a Steelers imposter showed up to training camp in full uniform, got past security and onto the practice field before security figured out he shouldn't have been there to cover Antonio Brown.

Pelicans fan trying to get a couple of shots up during the team warm up back in 2018:

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