Fed Up UNC Dad Attacks Virginia Tech Student Section

Things got nuts Friday night at Lane Stadium when a UNC dad became unhinged and went after a specific target in the Virginia Tech student, but dad clearly didn't mind taking on the entire section as he was the only baby blue launching himself into a sea of orange.

And then it was yet another episode of 'Fans Unleashed,' our new series around here documenting how fed up fans are dishing out street justice in stands around the country. Thursday night, things got nuts in Charlotte when ECU fans ganged up on App State fan who took some vicious blows after giving up the higher ground to his opponents.

There was even an incident Thursday night in Las Vegas where an Eastern Washington grandpa was all sorts of pissed off at Allegiant Stadium.

What caused this reaction out of UNC fan? One would have to assume there was some serious heckling going on, but was it worth being kicked out and a possible court fine? That's for UNC dad to answer. He clearly thought it was worth going in like the One Man Gang, giving up the higher ground and just throwing bombs.

Alternate angle!

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