Fans Unleashed: ECU Fans Gang Up On App State Guy; Eastern Washington Dad Is Fed Up

What happens when the Duke's Mayo Classic settles on an ECU vs. App State matchup on the first Thursday in September when it's still steamy in Charlotte? You're damn right fists are going to fly in the stands, and that's exactly what went down last night at Bank of America Stadium where ECU fans teamed up on App State guy.

Was it a fair fight? Not when App State guy has to fight his way out of a hornet's nest even with the higher ground advantage. Now, was App State guy asking for it in a one-on-one matchup? Most likely.

Was App State guy asking for it from a gang of Pirates? Highly unlikely.

In the end, App State got the last laugh with a 33-19 win

Meanwhile, at the UNLV game, we had an Eastern Washington fan all fired up. I've been at this job a very long time and I've never seen a fired-up Eastern Washington fan, so cherish this video.

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