Fan Arrested At Texas A&M-LSU Game For Slapping 14-Year-Old Boy

It was a wild Saturday night at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge where a mystery blonde sent a goodbye message to Coach O from behind the SEC Network set and a 40-year-old Houston man was arrested for slapping a 14-year-old boy in a stadium suite, according to the Louisiana State Police.

According to arrest reports, Brandon Scott, 40, was arrested for lighting up the teenager with an open-hand slap. Police described Scott as "heavily intoxicated" and had "extremely slurred speech, altered gait and a very strong smell of alcohol on his breath" when they went to speak to him about the slap. The victim told cops that he and his friends tried to talk to Scott and that's when he got fired up and went off.

"As one of the teens stood up to take his picture, Scott allegedly jumped up from his seat and 'slapped the juvenile victim across the face with an open hand, leaving a red mark on his left cheek' and surrounding area," the Baton Rouge Advocate reported.

The boy pressed charges and Scott was hauled off to jail where he posted a $2,000 bond on the simple battery charge.

Now, based on what we're hearing from the police report, let's make a few assumptions here:

1. The teens were trying to turn the drunk guy into content

2. Brandon wasn't down with the teens turning him into content

3. The teens somehow thought it was a smart decision to chat up the extremely drunk guy

4. I thought an open-handed slap for f-ing with an extremely drunk college football fan in November was legal in Louisiana

5. That was a joke. This one will be thrown out of court and lessons will be learned all around

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