Expensive Concession Prices At CFP National Championship Game Require Strong Pregame Buzz Or Going Broke

135 days after Western Kentucky kicked off to Austin Peay on August 27, 2022 and began the 2022/23 college football season, Georgia and TCU are set to play for a CFP National Championship. Thus, it is once again time to ogle at the ridiculous food and beverage prices at the penultimate game of the year.

Horned Frogs and Bulldogs fans have three options:

Considering that the game is being played in Los Angeles, there is no "cheap" way to approach the situation. However, the first and third options will be the most cost effective.

After spending money on travel to the City of Angels, somewhere to stay upon arrival, and standard, day-to-day expenses, game day finally arrived on Monday. It wasn't inexpensive to get to that point, and it doesn't get any better by the time kickoff rolls around.

For the fans who didn't hit the bar before the game and buy an $8 beer with $15 chicken tenders, or those who need an extra drink to help get them through the full 60 minutes, it's going to cost them even more inside the stadium. Concession prices are always overpriced, because there is no other option.

You're already trapped. If you need food and/or drink, there is nowhere else to go.

Once you factor-in the cost of living in the United States' second-largest city, it gets even worse.

College Football Playoff National Championship concession prices are ridiculously expensive.

Action Network's Brett McMurphy shared a look at this year's cost and... oof.

A premium beer costs $17, a craft beer costs $19, wine costs $17,

If you want to make upgrade your beer to a Michelada, a California staple, it'll run you an extra $6. $23 for a Michelada!

You don't drink alcohol? No problem.

A fountain soda costs $6. A water costs $5. (Honestly, not too bad!)

Hungry? There is plenty of food to choose from— but it ain't cheap.

A tortilla with cheese in the middle, also known as a quesadilla is $10. To get rice and beans inside that cheese tortilla, also known as a burrito, is $15. To also get meat inside that burrito, is $17.

The least expensive option is a bag of chips for $5, or a hot dog for $9.

If you're looking for something a little bit "fancier," a focaccia pizza will cost $16. Meatballs— literally just meatballs— will cost $22.

Needless to say, filling up on bar food and tap beers before heading over to Inglewood is the way to go. Concession prices are, once again, absurdly expensive. Death, taxes... overpriced stadium food!