Duke's Mayonnaise Bath Dumper Gets Mayo Bowl Tattoo To Commemorate Mayo Bath

One of the greatest traditions in college football began just two years ago at the Duke's Mayo Bowl. The Duke's Mayo Bowl bath is something that Sickos look forward to each and every December.

Over the course of the last decade or so, sponsor baths have become an integral part of the college football bowl season. While smoothie baths, french fry baths and Cheez-It baths are all awesome, none of them compare to the greatness that is the Mayo bath.

The concept is simple— whichever coach wins the Duke's Mayo Bowl gets 4.5 gallons of mayonnaise dumped upon his head. The game also donates $10,000 to the charity of his choosing.

Seeing as mayonnaise is not easily dumpable, the exact science of the bath took two years to perfect. And when it went down last year, controversy proceeded to unfold over Maryland head coach Mike Locksley's choice of headwear during the bath.

It was a glorious moment nonetheless.

At the forefront of the mayo bath are the mayo dumpers. A nationwide search was held to find the perfect dumpers and those who applied went all-out.

One of the chosen mayo dumpers in 2022 was Klurt. He was all smiles on the big day and played a crucial role in covering Locksley with Duke's mayonnaise.

Following one of the biggest days of his life, Klurt documented the game from his timeline. To conclude the thread, he said that he needed to schedule his commemorative tattoo.

He was not joking about the Duke's Mayo Bowl tattoo.

Klurt decided to memorialize the monumental mayo moment with some ink and recently shared a picture of the finished product. On his calf, forever, is a bucket identical to the one he used to dump mayonnaise.

Klurt is forever a college football legend. Long live Klurt!