Does Will Levis Actually Put Mayonnaise In His Coffee And Eat Bananas With The Peel? We Finally Got The Truth

The Will Levis wait is finally over in Kansas City, with the Tennessee Titans selecting the former Kentucky quarterback with the 33rd pick. We also found out the truth when it comes to the eating habits of the new Titans quarterback.

There has been a lot of chatter regarding the way Will Levis takes his coffee, with the assumption being that he takes Mayonnaise with a packet of sugar. Also, the whole ordeal about eating a banana with the peal. Well, we finally have the answers that fans really wanted to hear on NFL Draft night.

Following his selection in the draft, Levis met with the reporters via zoom from his house in Connecticut. He was actually delayed getting back home, mentioning that after a three-hour flight delay and traffic after landing in Newark delayed his arrival home. After walking in the door to his house, he received the call that he would be a Tennessee Titan.

But this wasn't the main concern as the press conference was ending, as one reporter wanted to know the truth about his wild story on coffee and bananas.

I cannot believe we were duped this entire time, with Levis leading us on to believe he was some wild coffee drinker. To make matters even worse, he doesn't eat the banana peal? I can only imagine the betrayal from some Will Levis fans, as they put mayonnaise in their coffee to be like their favorite quarterback.

Can you imagine all the Kentucky football fans who tried this disgusting sounding idea with their coffee over the past few months? Well, you've been tricked, so you're now allowed to stop putting that disgusting condiment in your caffeine booster.

The NFL Draft Process Is Finally Over For Levis

In all seriousness, Will Levis has to be relieved to have this process over with. After a rough night in Kansas City, Levis got on a plane and headed home.

A lot of what happened on Thursday night cannot be put on Levis. The experts that were predicting him to be a top-five pick for the past seven months deserve some blame, along with the NFL, who propped him up like a character from a movie.

“I told myself I wouldn’t fall in love with anybody throughout this process, because I knew I really didn’t have a say in the matter. But if there was one team I did, it was definitely Tennessee," Levis said about becoming a Titan.

Now, Will can focus on his future in Nashville and becoming the successor at quarterback for the Titans. I still can't believe the mayonnaise thing was a farce, but the jokes on all of us for believing.

We'll see how much belief the Titans fan base has in the new addition to the organization. Judging by social media, it's going to take a while to get adjusted. But for Levis, the potential is there, now he needs to put this whole thing behind him and focus on learning everything there is to know about being an NFL quarterback.

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