Deion Sanders Wants Names on the Back of Every Player's Jersey

Deion Sanders has a bone to pick with the Southwestern Athletic Conference: put names on the back of every jersey.

The NFL legend turned Jackson State head coach, fresh off his team's 7-6 victory over Florida A&M on Sunday, asked during the post-game presser why teams in the SWAC don't have players' names on the back of their jerseys.

Sanders' remarks come after FAMU did not have names on any jerseys on Sunday. The SWAC does not have a policy on this and leaves it up to the discretion of each team.

Sanders said that the players work very hard on the field, so the least teams can do is put their name on the back of the jersey.

"Why do we don't do that in this SWAC?" Sanders said. "Is it that expensive to put their name on the back of the jersey? Don't you think his mom and them want to see the baby name on the back of the jerseys? Don't you think his siblings, his friends, his family, his loved ones?"

Expensive it is, but Sanders said that he would help front the costs in the name of getting the names on the jerseys.

"What is that?" Sanders said. "An extra $5 a jersey? I'll take care of it for the whole SWAC, if they do it."

Sanders has been a longtime voice in the fight to make sure every HBCU is represented equally in the NCAA, and this seems to be another shot at making that a reality.

Sanders already took strides in that area before the season started, when he collaborated with Constance Schwartz, CEO of SMAC Entertainment, to get custom suits for all his players.

He made note of this during the presser, saying that Schwartz would help out with this fight.

"Those are the kinds of things we're very detailed," Sanders said. "We're very detailed with the little things, and our kids deserve that, don't they?"

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