Deion Sanders' Son Meets Colorado Student Pretending To Be Deion Sanders' Son In Hilariously Awkward Encounter

Most people know Deion Sanders' son, Shedeur. He was a four-star recruit, the starting quarterback at Jackson State in each of the last two years, and will serve in the same role at Colorado.

Many people (who aren't dialed-in to college football) may not know that Deion also has two other sons: Deion Jr. and Shilo. While the former handles all of the family's social media and video, Shilo is a former three-star recruit who started at South Carolina, transferred to Jackson State, and is now set to start at safety for the Buffaloes.

He might be the funniest of the three.

Shilo was in an Uber at the end of January when the driver started to talk about his dad and the impact he has already had in just a short time at Colorado. As the son of the man they were discussing, he pretended to have zero knowledge of Deion Sanders — something that he apparently does often.

It made for a hilarious exchange before Shilo eventually revealed his identity.

Earlier this week, Shilo was at it again.

His most recent conversation may have been even funnier than his last. He met a Colorado student who pretended to be his brother.

While out for a walk on campus, Shilo ran into a student who unknowingly tried to convince Deion Sanders' son that he is Deion Sanders' son. Obviously, the student (who later revealed himself as @yrn.gotti on Instagram) is not his son.

To make the entire thing even funnier, Shilo never broke cover.

The student, who is not Deion Sanders' son, is none the wiser.

Before walking away, the student asked Shilo if he plays football. Shilo said yes, so the student said that he would tell "his dad" about him.

Fake Deion Sanders Jr.'s friend trying to keep it cool while his homie lied to Shilo's face really puts the clip over the edge. Deion Sanders' son met someone who pretended to be Deion Sanders' son. What a moment!