Deion Sanders' Jackson State Contract Details, Including Ticket Sales Profit Sharing

Sports Illustrated got its hands on Deion Sanders' contract at Jackson State and the big story here is that it's a four-year deal worth $1.2 million, but it's also loaded with incentives that could make Deion significant money if he can put fans in the stands at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium.

One of Deion's incentives is profit sharing once attendance at Veterans Memorial Stadium reaches 30,000. That might seem like a huge number, but keep in mind Jackson State led the FCS in attendance during the 2019 season with an average of 33,762 fans over five home games. Deion would get 10% of the 3,762 tickets sold. Prime should make decent spending cash just based on people coming to see him coach a game.

Here are the small-print details from Deion Sanders' contract:

• If Deion leaves early, he'll have to pay 50% of his remaining salary

• Earns $25,000 for each win over an FBS team

• $10,000 for a SWAC division title

• $30,000 for a conference championship

• $50,000 for a Celebration Bowl win

• Earns 10% of all sales after the 30,000 fans in attendance at JSU home games

• Collects 10% of all season ticket revenue after the first 10,000 season tickets are purchased

• His contract is automatically extended a year if the team wins eight games

• Gets a one-year contract extension if the Jackson State AD who hired him, Ashley Robinson, leaves the school

• Two years added to Deion's contract if JSU leaves the SWAC

It's not NFL money, but it's a start. Deion will probably make some endorsement money on the side and be just fine.

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