Deion Sanders Had Multiple Toes Amputated

Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders missed multiple games last season for what was until now, an undisclosed health issue. On Tuesday, the issue came to light: two toes from his left foot had been amputated.

Sanders’ big toe and second toe were lost as a result of blood clots that followed a previous operation for a dislocated toe and nerve issue earlier in the fall. And it could’ve been worse. Doctors originally feared they’d need to amputate Prime Time’s left leg.

“They were talking about the amputation of toes. Then they were talking about the amputation of my leg from the knee down,” Sanders told the Associated Press.

In a trailer released to promote Barstool Sports’ “Coach Prime” series, cameras catch Sanders reacting to his surgically-altered foot.

“Oh my God,” said Sanders, holding back tears.

After spending more than three weeks in the hospital and roughly a month after leaving the team, Sanders returned to the sideline. However, he did so with the assistance of either a scooter or motorized chair.

“The hardest thing of it all was to look down there and see that and understand that once upon a time, you were this type of athlete and you don’t know if you’re gonna walk,” Sanders, a Pro Football Hall of Famer said. “Because all you feel is just pain and you just wanna get out of this hospital.”

Despite the gruesome outcome, Sanders has managed to keep his faith and his sense of humor. He captioned a tweet promoting the “Coach Prime” trailer by saying, "I may have lost a couple soldiers in the battle but I never lost my faith in God!”

Amen and God speed, Prime Time.

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