Cyclones Curbstomp Covid 202-0: Football Will Be Played Saturday In Iowa

The coronabros aren't going to like this news out of Ames, Iowa where there was a 202-0 curbstomping of COVID by Iowa State athletes, according to athletic director Jamie Pollard.

"Final COVID hurdle cleared - 202 @Big12Conference COVID tests this morning of football & soccer athletes and staff, all negative, let’s play!," Pollard wrote as the football team prepares to face Louisiana-Lafayette.

It was just two weeks ago the New York Times had Ames as the hottest hot spot in the United States when looking at cases in relation to population.

"Just heard from @RaginCajunsFB Athletics Director that they just got clearance from @Big12Conference testing agency to load the plane. There will be football in Ames tomorrow!," Pollard tweeted this afternoon in what must feel like a gutshot to Iowa Hawkeyes fans out there who have to now see their hated rival get TV coverage across the state and nation.

Iowa State reversed its initial plan to have fans in the stands, but there's officially football to be played in Iowa.

Let me be the first to say it. Jamie Pollard should be first in line for the Big Ten commissioner position when Kevin Warren eventually submits his resignation over what has gone on this summer and now into the fall season. Ryan Day's now voicing his displeasure with leadership and Nebraska went out and acquired its own rapid COVID testing system.

Yet here we are heading into the start of the big boy season and it's crickets out of Big Ten leadership. Come on down, Jamie Pollard.


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