Culture Changer Mark Stoops Doesn't Dismiss UK Chances at SEC Title

Kentucky last won an SEC football championship in 1976 (split with Georgia), but that hasn't stopped head coach Mark Stoops from thinking this just might be the year the Cats break shock the college football world. Crazier things have happened in 2020. Speaking on the Sirus XM radio's SEC channel, Stoops had confidence things are building towards reaching that mountaintop.

“Why not,” Stoops asked. “We understand it’s a great challenge. We take the approach that we need to handle our business each and every day. We want to play with an attitude and a chip on our shoulder, however it’s about executing and doing the right things. I’ve taken the approach, since I’ve walked in the doors here to try and do the right thing and to work our tails off everyday. I said that in the first press conference I was in. we’re going to attack everyday...but I can only control that. I feel we’ve done the right things and put the pieces in place to be successful for the time I’ve been here.

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